About David McGee:

Successful musician, pastor and author, David McGee, was born in Greensboro, North Carolina as a deaf-mute. After overcoming overwhelming physical obstacles as a child, he eventually discovered music and toured the country as a rock musician. After a dramatic encounter with Jesus Christ, he devoted his life to revealing the life-changing Truth of the Bible. From a small home Bible study to a church of 2,000 in only twelve years, David teaches with a heart-warming and humorous style, and now is launching a nationwide media outreach that many say could redefine Christian media.

David’s Journey:

David McGee has led an interesting life. He was born a deaf-mute. Doctors discovered that he was 95 percent deaf and that his tongue was attached in front of his lower teeth. At five years old, he could not speak. Miraculously, this was corrected through nine surgeries and four years of speech therapy. David lived as a professional rock musician, a remodeling company owner, a recording studio owner, and a traveling Christian teacher/musician. Now he is the senior pastor of a growing fellowship. His story is certainly a unique and exciting one.

Twelve years ago, David moved his home Bible study into the public sphere. That once-small fellowship of fifteen people has grown to over two thousand in weekly attendance. He has since launched a satellite church and plans to launch several more. David's teachings are broadcast around the world on TV, radio, and the Internet in an ever-increasing market. David has appeared on numerous television and radio shows, making appearances on ABC, CBS, CBN, FOX, NBC, TCT, and TBN. His verse-by-verse teaching through the Bible is marked by powerful personal insights, humorous comments, and an in-depth knowledge of the Hebrew language and customs. This style of teaching deeply impacts the lives of those who come in contact with David and his ministry. One of the things that makes this ministry so unique is David's love for God, for people, and for the Bible. In a time when biblical literacy has fallen to an all-time low, David makes the Bible fun, exciting, and personally meaningful.

With his rock-star image, he is seen as cutting edge and culturally relevant, yet biblically solid. He has a deep respect for the Jewish roots of Christianity, demonstrated by his leading numerous and extensive trips to Israel, leading Passovers, and use of the Hebrew language to tie the Old Testament and the New Testament together in a powerful and unique way. It is the passion of this man and this ministry to communicate the timeless truths of the Bible to a lost, dying, and confused world. In addition to exploding media attention and increasing DVD and CD sales, David has expanded his ministry team. He has now released his second book, a devotional for the whole year, Cross the Bridge to Every Day. His first book, Cross the Bridge to Life, was released a couple years prior to that. David has begun to speak at large-scale events, including an outreach in South Miami Beach during spring break. Most recently he had the honor to speak at a conference, at the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association.

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